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IntelliComp (in-tel'e-komp) n. 1. A workers' compensation and experience rating database. 2. An intelligent database. 3. The workers' compensation database that professionals insist upon.

There is a reason that IntelliComp is the largest provider of Workers' Compensation and Experience Rating Data.

"Our products and experience in the industry are unparalleled."

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IntelliComp is your premier data retrieval service for obtaining information on companies' workers' compensation experience modifications. It is your means of sorting through and making sense of the statistical data gathered by the WCIRB that you need to develop leads. The data that you have access to through IntelliComp includes all identifying information on the insured, such as company name, d.b.a., WCIRB number, address, e-mail address, phone number and fax number (where available), class code, code description (including sub codes), pure premium rate, survey status and experience modification information (including experience modification year, experience modification calculation date, experience modification and experience modification status).

IntelliComp has implemented state of the art technologies which has made it the most sought after experience rating database on the market today. The IntelliComp system is easy to use and the data is superbly presented so that anyone can understand it, especially the insured.

The following Bureau Report shows all of the experience rating data in a simple and concise format:

Features of IntelliComp

Lead Generation

allows you to search for risks that fall within a specified experience modification range, geographical area and industry. Search for risks which have been issued an experience modification for the first time or for risks which have had an increase in their experience modification. Search by Projected Effective Date so you can begin prospecting prior to their renewal date. Also included in Data Query is Master Search, Weekly Search and Bureau Number Search.

has many of the features of Data Query. Preset an unlimited amount of criteria profiles and the leads are automatically sent after every database update. Also included in Data Query is Master Search, Weekly Search and Bureau Number Search.

9/2021 Rates Loaded

studies changes in the market. The Rate Index analyzes in the approved pure premium rate filing (Expected Loss Rates and D-Ratios) and rate filing fluctuations of the largest workers' compensation carriers in California. The Rate Index allow agents to anticipate possible point increases and decreases in rates.

Placement and Management

Rates Loaded as of 12/06/2021

provides the field rates for major writers of workers' compensation insurance in the State of California. You can print the filed rates by carrier or compare carrier rates by class code. This is a powerful tool that can assist you in the current market. If a carrier is not listed, just email us with the carriers NAIC number.

allows you to tag risks so that you will be notified of future changes to the experience rating data to your email.



Industrial insurance Cost Control (IICC) has been in business since 1986 and has helped thousands of employers with their expertise in workers' compensation claims management.

IICC is now providing expert claims management for users of IntelliComp only. Not all claims management services are the same. IICC provides a premier turn key claims management service. IICC does not call the adjuster for just an update and call it claims management, we provide true workers' compensation claims management. IICC's knowledge of Unit Statistical reporting, calculating an experience modification, Strategic Cancellation, Revisions of an experience modification, knowledge of current and past laws as well as reserve information and how it effects the insured's experience modification and premium, is what sets our claims management service above the rest.


1/9/2021 Rates Loaded

is an experience modification calculation program designed for the insurance professional. EstiMod 4.0 is a web based application allowing the user to calculate experience modifications from 1995 to present. EstiMod 4.0 has many report such as Loss Ratio Analysis, Eligibility Threshold Analysis, Experience Modification History Report, Applying Prior Rating Formula Analysis.

(Experience Period Calculation) will calculate which policy periods and unit statistical report levels thet will be used in any experience modification effective period. The most powerful feature of XP-Calc is Strategic Cancellation™. Strategic Cancellation™ gives you the ability to strategically analyze a risk and determined the advantages and disadvantages of changing the NARD. Did you know thet a policy period can be used for more than 3 years in the calculation of experience modification? A policy period can be used for as little as 2.5 years or as much as 3.5 years. If you're going to change your clients NARD, you need Strategic Cancellation™ The most powerful tools on the market today.

9/2021 Rates Loaded

moves the Rate Index into action and is included on every BureauReport. The Rate Index analyzes changes in the approved Pure Premium Rates, Expected Loss Rates and D-Ratios. This complex calculation suggest the possible "before Ex Mod" percent increase/decrease for a specific classification.

Volatility Ranking: Ranks the Rate Index of each class code in an ascending order 1 through 494. 1 would be the lowest increase or the highest decrease (BEST). 494 would be the highest increase or the lowest decrease (WORST).

Ex Mod x % PPR Change: Your current Experience Modification times the % PPR Change. This suggests the possible percent increase/decrease for a specific classification.

9/2021 Rates Loaded

Codes and Manuals

1/September 1, 2021 Code Descriptions Loaded

provides you with the phraseology, footnotes, pure premium rates, expected loss rates and D-Ratio, by class code. Any changes with respect to the phraseology or footnotes are indexed. A history from 1995 to date is presented.

9/2021 Rates Loaded

provides you with the pure premium rates, expected loss rates and D-Ratios, by class code, from 1995 to date. You can also generate a historical graph by class code.

1/2018 Manual Loaded

is a superior format of the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan and Experience Rating Plan. BureauManual is fully searchable and precisely indexed so you can find the information you need.